Recorded Training Course – Using Imatest to Measure Digital Image Quality – English & Mandarin

April 20, 2021
October 26, 2023


Imatest offers recorded training that allows you to review the course material on your schedule over a three week period. The course provides the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use Imatest and assess digital image quality. Learn the key factors that contribute to overall image quality and how to apply Imatest to accurately measure each factor. This material also covers how to select appropriate test charts, configure Imatest options, and interpret Imatest output. 
Recorded Training 3-week Price:

  • English: $1,000
  • English wth Mandarin Translation: $700
  • Additional time: $100/week


Students Will Learn How To:

  • Measure key image quality factors using Imatest
  • Understand and interpret Imatest output
  • Avoid common mistakes in applying Imatest
  • Select appropriate test charts
  • Configure options to achieve particular testing objectives
  • Assess overall image quality
  • Automate tests for manufacturing quality control

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction and Imaging Concepts
  • Image Quality Factors & Test Lab
  • SFRplus and Settings Overview
  • Tonal Response and Color
  • Distortion and Nonuniformity
  • Detailed Sharpness Measurements
  • Rescharts – Interface for interactive sharpness measurements
  • Imatest Version 5.0 & 5.1 New Features
  • Imatest IT (Industrial Testing)

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Please contact to arrange a private training course at your company or at the Imatest headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.