Spilled Coins Charts for Imatest LED Light Sources

October 3, 2019
June 28, 2024


The Imatest Spilled Coins chart is designed to measure texture sharpness. It has offers nearly perfect scale-invariance, which improves the accuracy and robustness of measurements, as well as gray regions to the left and right of the chart that facilitate noise removal.

The Imatest Spilled Coins Cross test chart uses cross-correlation calculation texture metrics to provide improved stability for images with nonlinear noise reduction. Users can now more accurately differentiate between noise and texture. Random/Dead Leaves Cross, which runs under the interactive Rescharts interface, measures SFR (Spatial Frequency Response) or MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) from these patterns

Learn more about the Spilled Coins Pattern and it’s use through the Rescharts Module

Lead Time: 3 Weeks


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The Spilled Coins Test Charts are available on different materials for Visible Spectrum or Near Infrared (NIR) testing. For the Visible Spectrum choose between: Inkjet, High Precision Color Film, or High Precision Black and White Film. For the Near Infrared (NIR) Spectrum choose between: Inkjet or High Precision Black and White Film. 

Key features of the Imatest Spilled Coins pattern:

  • Contrast of the pattern reflectance range is 3:1, with 18% gray background as per the CPIQ new standards.
  • Eight registration marks are placed around the active area to attain a more accurate transformation between the reference image and the test image.
  • Sixteen grayscale OECF patches are included for linearization prior to texture response calculation.
  • The chart contains slanted edges (2:1 and 4:1 contrast) for convenient comparisons between Texture MTF and slanted-edge MTF.
  • Backwards Compatibility: The chart maintains flat areas of the same mean reflectance as the pattern on either side of the center area, used for Noise Power Spectral Density estimation in the classic “Direct” Texture MTF method supported by our other charts.
  • Pattern design is more uniform; i.e., more shift-invariant than other vendors’ Dead Leaves charts.
Light Source Size Mounted Size Active Area Substrate
253mm x 174mm
(9.96″ x 6.85″)
229mm x 152mm
(9.02″ x 5.98″)

Color High Precision Film
Black and White High Precision Film

318mm x 290mm
(12.52″ x 11.42″)
235mm x 197mm
(9.25″ x 7.75″)

Color High Precision Film
Black and White High Precision Film

456mm x 327mm
(17.95″ x 12.87″)

432mm x 305mm
(17.01″ x 12.01″)

Transmissive Inkjet
Black and White High Precision Film

634mm x 454mm
(24.96″ x 17.87″)
610mm x 432mm
(24.02″ x 17.01″)

Transmissive Inkjet

931mm x 562mm
(36.65″ x 22.13″)
907mm x 540mm
(35.71″ x 21.26″)

Transmissive Inkjet

931mm x 702mm
(36.65″ x 27.64″)
907mm x 680mm
(35.71″ x 26.77″)

Transmissive Inkjet

1253mm x 706mm
(49.33″ x 27.79″)
1225mm x 680mm
(48.23″ x 26.77″)

Transmissive Inkjet

Size A & B will be framed with 6mm Black Acrylic. Size C, D, E, F, & G will be directly mounted to 6mm Clear Acrylic.