eSFR ISO Chrome on Glass Target

April 17, 2018
June 29, 2022


This chart is produced with the highest precision process we have available.  For more detailed information on the various processes by which we create our targets, please take a look at our Transmissive Chart Quality Comparison.

For ease of placement and removal, options include an acrylic frame sized for Imatest LED Lightboxes size B through D and Light Panels size A through D.

Chrome on Glass charts are uni-tone, have 10:1 contrast,

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Our product pricing and shipping rates do not include import duties, taxes or fees. The customer / recipient is responsible for these expenses.


Plate Size Active Area* Thickness SKU
2.545 cm x 7.62cm (1″ x 3″) 5 chart patterns 1.6mm (0.06″) ESFRCG-1×3-Multi
5.09 cm (2″) 29.568mm x 19.301mm 1.6mm (0.06″) ESFRCG-2-Enhanced
5.09 cm (2″) 29.761mm x 16.281mm  1.6mm (0.06″)  ESFRCG-2-Extended
10.18 cm (4″) 78.336mm x 51.136mm 1.6mm (0.06″)  ESFRCG-4-Enhanced
10.18 cm (4″) 74.847mm x 43.134mm 1.6mm (0.06″)  ESFRCG-4-Extended

*The active area is measured to the interior of the black borders of the pattern.

The 1 x 3″ Multi Slide includes five patterns: 

22mm x 12.37mm (0.87″ x 0.49″)
11.86mm x 6.67mm (0.48″ x 0.26″)
7.904mm x 4.44mm (0.311″ x 0.17″)
5.27mm x 2.96mm (0.207″ x 0.12″)
3.51mm x 1.97mm (0.14″ x 0.08″)

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