Imatest Lighting Control Package

April 16, 2020
January 11, 2022


Imatest Version 2020.1 allows users to set up and control the DMX Kino Flo lights, as well as the Imatest Lightboxes and Light Panels, with an Isolight Puck. This feature uses tools specifically designed for image quality testing. It enables users to manage the brightness and color temperature of individual lights and save settings to scenes allowing you to perform rapid switching between light configurations.

This package combines an Imatest Master Node-locked license with a set of Kino Flo LED DMX Lights and an Isolight Puck. Select the Imatest Lightbox or Light Panel instead of the Kino Flo lights if you need transmissive illumination. Click the links at the bottom of the page for details on these products.

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Learn more about the products in this package:

Imatest Master Software

Kino Flo LED DMX Lights

Imatest Lightboxes available in ten standard sizes with multiple options.

Imatest Light Panels available in ten standard sizes.

Isolight Puck

If you already have an Imatest software license but the Support has expired, you can renew Support here in order to gain access to the latest release and the Lighting Control feature.