Sinusoidal Siemens Star

November 4, 2015
November 8, 2022


The Sinusoidal Siemens Star target is consistent with the ISO12233:2014 standard. It is printed on matte paper. The modulation of the radial sinusoidal patern is close to a 50:1 contrast ratio.

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  • Target allows multiple samples of MTF measurements to be taken from any point within the circumference of the circle.
  • Resolution measurements can be made with Imatest’s Star Chart module
  • Less sensitive to some image processing than Edge-SFR analysis
  • Resistant to noise which can improve some measurement repeatability
  • Includes low-contrast vertical + horizontal slanted edges for comparison
  • Less sensitive to changes in position than the hyperbolic wedge
  • Enables resolution measurements at all angles including vertical, horizontal, sagittal and tangential
  • Includes registration mark patterns for automatic detection


ISO Size S.I. Imperial
1x 250mm x 333.33mm 9.84″ x 13.11″
1.5x 375mm x 500mm 14.76″ x 19.66″
2x 500mm x 666.67mm 19.69″ x 26.22″
3x 750mm x 1000mm 29.53″ x 39.34″

Please contact for customizations such as sizing, tiling or for other substrates including high precision film or photographic paper.