Small Color Chart

September 14, 2011
January 17, 2024


The Small Color Chart includes a 24-patch color calibration target and a grayscale stepchart with density steps of roughly 0.1.

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Chart comes with color reference file.

Standard charts are printed 7 to a page. The color chart (not including the step chart) is 0.58 X 0.4 inches (1.5 X 1 cm), surrounded by a gray box (to limit reflection) which is 2.35 X 1.3 inches.

An additional larger 3″x5″ chart is included which can used for calibrating the chart with a spectrophotometer, which is also suitable for testing.

This pattern is provided on a Matte Reflective Substrate in order to prevent specular reflections from impacting the analysis. For alternative options, please contact with a description of your use case.