Sofica Chart Selector

October 12, 2018
March 12, 2024


Sofica’s High-Speed Chart Selector is an automated chart-changing system with reliable and safe motorized modules for each panel. The Chart Selector can switch charts in 13 seconds making it the fastest chart-changer on the market.

Sofica’s selector software and slider module ensures that each chart will be placed at precisely the same position and distance from the testing devices.

An isolated cabinet is also available to protect charts from dust and UV light (additional $6,000).

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Backpane size:            Standard 1700mm x 950mm (67″ x 38″); customizable
Backpane color: 18% Neutral Grey (Munsell N5)
Number of charts: Supports 10 test charts (customizable)
Control method: RJ45, WiFi (web-based user interface)
SDK: html, python, C++ API
Environment: 20-30C
Power Supply: 110V / 230V

Piezo collision detector and emergency stop by default. Optional: laser curtain, pressure mattress, etc.

Speed:  ~13 second switch cycle

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