Sofica IQLaR Image Quality Lab Automation and Robotics

November 7, 2017
March 4, 2022


Automate your imaging laboratory using Sofica robotics and technology. The IQLaR is a modular system that can be configured for your specific requirements. The system reduces the time required for manual setup during product development so engineers can focus on improving camera quality. Minimize errors and increase repeatability in testing.

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    • Manufactured by Sofica.
    • Includes IQLaR server with test execution engine and software, user interface, database, static robot rack/table, and robot controlling framework plugin.
    • Version S12 includes 6-axis robot arm with 500mm/20″ reach in any direction and 360 degree waist rotation allows you to move the test device into different positions and against diferent test targets (charts or scenes).
    • Upgrade to Version S17 with 750mm/30″ reach in any direction.
    • Automatic camera to chart distance adjustment
    • Automatic camera to chart alignment
    • Automatic lighting control
    • Multi-device support
    • Options include:
      • Optional 2 meter S-Track, with additional +1 meter track available, up to 4.5 meter track for robotic arm. 
      • Electric height adjustable rack for the Robot Arm, S-Track, and/or Chart Carousel
      • Isolight Puck Loopback
      • Basic Lighting Control Plugin
      • Chart Selector with optional protective container
      • One week installation and training

IQLaR Video

Chart Selector Video