SpectriWave Wireless Light Booth

October 17, 2017
January 3, 2024


IQL SpectriWave™ lighting systems are designed to produce high quality, flexible test lab environments for imaging systems.

The SpectriWave™ Light Booth is a self-contained test environment ideal for both objective and subjective assessment across multiple light sources and intensity levels. With wireless control, it can be easily controlled via the provided PC tablet, or a computer or even integrated into custom software test suites via the API.

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Available Light Sources:

  • D75/D65/D50
  • Cool White (CWF)
  • TL84/83
  • SPX35
  • INC “A”/Horizon
  • 10,000K 

Standard Configurations:

  • Six Light Sources (D75, D65, D50, CWF/TL-84, INC “A” and Horizon)
  • Wired/Wireless control via PC tablet

Optional add-on:

  • Drawers, Rolling Stand and Removable sides
  • API


  • Size: 76.2cm (depth) x 132.08cm (width) x 76.2cm (height); 30” (depth) x 52” (width) x 30” (height)
  • Electrical: 100-240V, 1000W max (depending on configuration)

Contact us for a custom configuration or for more information.