Test Lab Setup Package

September 27, 2019
May 12, 2022


This assembly of products provides the key components for a basic Test Lab Setup.

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Test Stand

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    Imatest Modular Test Stand - 2M Rail with Tripod Head + $8,900.00
    Imatest Modular Test Stand - 3.5M Rail with Tripod Head + $10,950.00

Reflective Lighting

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    Kino Flo Freestyle 31 LED DMX Lighting Systems + $9,970.00
    Imatest Low-Light Filter for the Kino Flo FreeStyle 31 + $1,260.00

Uniform Light Source

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    Imatest LED Lightbox Size B with 3100K & 6500K light channels + $4,900.00
    Imatest LED High Lux Lightbox + $17,700.00
    Imatest LED Lightbox Size B with 5100K & IR 850nm light channels + $4,900.00
    Imatest LED Lightbox Size B with IR 850nm & 940nm light channels + $4,900.00

Reflective Resolution & ISO Charts

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    ISO 12233:2017 eSFR: inkjet on matte, Vis+NIR, 4x size (800 x 1420mm), extended, extra wedges, 4000 LW/PH max wedge freq., Color + $775.00

Transmissive Targets

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    Ultra High Dynamic Range 36-patch Test Chart with DarkWorld Mask and Frame + $2,140.00
    TCT-Medium + $570.00
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Depending on what capabilities you need in your lab, Imatest offers a comprehensive assortment of software, equipment and charts to facilitate accurate and repeatable testing.


Compare the different versions of Imatest Software.

Imatest Modular Test Stand

The Imatest Modular Test Stand  offers an easy-to-use platform for image quality testing that is purpose-built for a professional lab setting. See more about our Test Lab Equipment Solutions.

Reflective lighting

Kino Flo LED DMX Lights are ideal for providing uniform, glare-free illumination.

Reflective Resolution & ISO Charts

For sharpness measurement along with many other image quality factors,  we recommend the ISO-12233.

Other charts we offer include our checkerboard chart provides detailed sharpness and distortion analysis at a larger range of working distances.

SFRreg targets can be used for long range or ultra wide testing.