Transmissive 4:1 SFRplus charts for 540mm tall lightbox

March 16, 2012
October 15, 2022

Both charts are printed on backlit film for mounting on a 740mm x 540mm lightbox

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For the medium 870mm x 540mm chart, the active area ends up being 843.4mm x 451.4mm with a vertical bar-to-bar distance of 424.32mm

For the small 740mm x 540mm chart the active area is 488mm x 261mm with a vertical bar to bar height of 246mm

Video (Watch on our site)

Documentation and software support

SFRplus can be run either through the highly-interactive Rescharts interface or as a batch-capable fixed module. The key documentation for getting started is Using SFRplus Part 1, found in the SFRplus section of the Documentation page. We recommend framing the chart with a small amount of white space above and below the top and bottom bars. Badly-framed charts can be analyzed with SFR using manual ROI selection.