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Defining a Test Image

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A Test Image definition contains the association between image data, the Device that captured it, and any other relevant flags about the image data.


File Path

Supported values: string, valid path to image file

Path to image file location on disk.

Note: Future versions of Imatest IT will allow direct pass in of image data through some interfaces, rather than needing to have a file on disk.



Supported values: a declared Device

Associate with the Device which took the test image. 


Target Detection Method

Supported values: STANDARD, BLURRY, WIDE_FOV

Flag to indicate if any extra considerations are needed for doing target point detection in this image.

BLURRY is only needed if there is significant blur in the image, for example due to being far within the minimum focus distance of the camera.

WIDE_FOV is only needed for devices with extremely distorted wide field-of-view lenses, also known as fisheyes.