Connectivity requirements for online or floating license activation

In order to perform online license activation or to use a floating license, Imatest needs to be able to perform name resolution or connect through a network to the following licensing servers:

Server Name IP Address Port Protocol
login 443  https
license 443 https


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Gamutvision Installation & Activation Issues

Problems Installing


An error message such as this is shown on install:



1. Download Imatest-lib.exe into the same folder as the Gamutvision installer
2. Re-run the installer Gamutvision-1.3.7.exe

Problems Activating


Activation of Gamutvision succeeds, stating “Thank you for registering Gamutvision”.

Upon re-starting the software it is no longer in the activated state.


1. The first time you start Gamutvision to activate the software, right click on the icon and select run as administrator.
2. After you activate as administrator, you should successfully be able to close, re-open then run Gamutvision under your ordinary user account.


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Imatest Ultimate: Activating Imatest IT along with Imatest Master

An Imatest license code can be configured to work for one or more Imatest product (Master, IS and IT).  Typically IT is activated on automated test equipment, while Master and IS are activated on an imaging engineers workstation.

If you intend to use two products on the same machine, such as Master+IT, or IS+IT, then you will need a single license code that combines these products together.

Imatest Ultimate combines both IT and Master into a single license. You can upgrade your license to ultimate for less than the cost of purchasing a separate IT license.

To combine an Imatest Master and Imatest IT code together into an Imatest Ultimate license code, Please contact with the two license codes that you intend to use on the same workstation. You will need to de-activate the licenses, and they should have similar support expiration dates, or the earlier date will be used.  We will inform you when the combined code is ready to be activated.

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Unknown Error on Software Activation

Unknown error is caused by blocked access to the computer operating system or network connection.

This may be due to a computer policy on the network that blocks ability for our Licensing service to properly function, or a Internet connection that is blocked or redirected 

  • On the first run of the software when a Trial License activation is attempted
  • On activation or deactivation of the software license.

This can also occur when your system has an inactive Netbios, which our licensing requires to generate an ID for the machine activated.

Possible Resolutions

If All Else Fails

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Updating License Activation Information

When your software license data is updated on our servers, your software will need to be re-activated in order to get that updated license information to your computer.

If you are having problems running the latest version of Imatest 4.0, and you have purchased after November 1 2013, then you will need to deactivate and reactivate the software to update your license information.

Deactivation Instructions:  Online or Offline

Activation Instructions:  Online or Offline

After you have completed the above deactivation and reactivation steps, you can restart the software and your updated license information should then be properly read.

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Legacy Registration (v3.7 and below)

Register imatest

The following paragraphs apply to Imatest Studio 4.1 and earlier and to other Imatest versions 3.7 and earlier.
For Imatest 3.7+, follow the instructions on Activate online or Activate offline.

After you’ve installed and purchased Imatest or Imatest Renewal (Studio or versions 3.6 or earlier) you’ll need to register it by clicking on the Register button in the Imatest main window or by clicking on Help, Register or License manager (activate). It’s a good idea to check the Imatest download page or Change log for the latest version.

If you have a personal firewall, we recommend disabling it before you register. You may re-enable it as soon as registration is complete. If you can’t register online following the instructions below, try Offline registration. You must have administrator privileges on your computer. This is rarely an issue, except on networked systems with strong security.

Fill in the the Register Imatest window: Enter your name, company (if applicable), e-mail, and the password you entered when you signed up on, then click on Register. If you forgot your password, click on Recover password. This opens a web page that enables you to recover your lost password via e-mail.

Imatest registration window
Registration window

If your computer is connected to the internet, you will receive a confirmation of your registration. The version of Imatest you purchased (Master or Studio) will be activated immediately. In rare instances where the pressing Register hangs up the computer, click on Manual activation and follow the instructions below.

Offline registration

The following paragraphs apply to Imatest Studio and to Imatest versions 3.7 and earlier.
For Imatest 3.8+, follow the instructions on Activate offline.

If your computer is offline, or if you are unable to connect because of a firewall that can’t be disabled, the following box appears in response to Register.

Click on Offline activation. The box below appears with instructions for offline (manual) registration. Steps 2-4 can be performed on any computer connected to the internet.

On, fill in all the fields as shown below, then click Make Activation Code . Don’t leave any fields blank— always enter something. Your code will be e-mailed to you. Enter it into the Activation key: field, above.

If you have difficulties, refer to the Troubleshooting page or contact

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