Connectivity requirements for online or floating license activation

In order to perform online license activation or to use a floating license, Imatest needs to be able to perform […]

Gamutvision Installation & Activation Issues

Problems Installing Symptoms An error message such as this is shown on install: Solution 1. Download Imatest-lib.exe into the same folder […]

Imatest Ultimate: Activating Imatest IT along with Imatest Master

An Imatest license code can be configured to work for one or more Imatest product (Master, IS and IT).  Typically […]

Unknown Error on Software Activation

Unknown error is caused by blocked access to the computer operating system or network connection. This may be due to […]

Updating License Activation Information

When your software license data is updated on our servers, your software will need to be re-activated in order to […]

Legacy Registration (v3.7 and below)

Register imatest The following paragraphs apply to Imatest Studio 4.1 and earlier and to other Imatest versions 3.7 and earlier. For […]