Error in Extracting CTF file

Error Message: Error in extracting CTF file to ‘C:\ProgramData\Imatest\mcr_cache\4.5\Master\mcrCache9.0.1\imates0’. Details: ‘Could not set last modified time: C:/ProgramData/Imatest/mcr_cache/4.5/Master/mcrCache9.0.1/imates0/toolbox/imaq/imaqextern/drivers/win64/genicam/genICam_v2_4/redist/Microsoft_VC80_CRT_x86_x64.msi: Broken pipe


Your system is having trouble extracting Mathwork’s CTF archive. Here is what the possible causes are:
  1. Permissions issue. For example if the application is unable to delete old directory or create a new one.
  2. Time stamp issue. The CTF-file is re-extracted only when the time stamp on the CTFarchive is newer than the time stamp on the _mcr directory. If somehow an out-of-date _mcr folder has a newer time stamp than the CTF-file, the new CTF-file will not be extracted and there will be errors when running the application.
  3. Extraction issue. If some error occurred during CTF extraction, there could be a problem where some of the encrypted M-files are of an old version and others are the new versions. This could cause the application to partially run and then only have an error when it runs into an old encrypted M-file.
  4. Installer issue. If the _mcr directory is already in the package, the installer may not be updating all files properly leaving some older files in the _mcr directory thinking that the files already exist.
So, here are the steps you should try to resolve this:
1. Delete old MCR directories on your machine. These can be found at C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime, delete the contents of this folder.
2. Run the Imatest installer again as administrator, ensuring that the “Matlab Libraries” checkbox is checked and that you are running the full installer rather than the upgrade installer:
Inline image 1
3. After the installer finishes, run Imatest as administrator.
If this process does not fix the issue please email us,
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Problem Starting Imatest after Installation

Symptoms of the problem:

After installation, upon attempting to start Imatest, nothing happens.  

Running using diagnostic mode, or from a command window may show an error similar to this:

Previously accessible file “C:\Program Files\Imatest\Master\imatest_mcr\imatest\
startup.m” is now inaccessible.
Error:Error in mclFreeStackTrace.

Sources of the problem:

  • Inability for Imatest to write to the program files folder, such as: C:\Program Files (x86)\Imatest\v4.0\Master\imatest_mcr\
  • Anti virus can block Imatest and it’s installer from writing files to the above location.  ESET is a particular brand of anti-virus that has been known to cause this.
  • Systems that have Java disabled by their administrative group policies

Potential Solutions:

  • Disabling Anti-virus during Installation or during the first run
  • Running Imatest as Administrator
  • Correcting the administrative policy blocking Java, or moving to a system without that policy

Solution for Imatest IT:

  • Delete the C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\%USERNAME%\mcrCache8.1 folder then re-run the test
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Service file is not current version or does not have sufficient privileges

After upgrading to a new version of Imatest, the following error dialog may be encountered:

Service file is not current version.




  1. Download this file (Service_Installer_node735.exe)
  2. Run the Service_Installer_node735.exe and complete the installation
  3. Re-run Imatest and the problem should be resolved


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Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR) versions

Imatest requires installation Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR) in order to run. Different versions of Imatest depend on different versions of the library shown in the below table.  Imatest FULL Installations include the appropriate MCR library, while imatest upgrade installations do not.  If you move to a version of Imatest that uses a new MCR library, you will need to download the full installer, otherwise you can save some space and download time by installing the upgrade version.

Imatest Matlab library (MCR) locations
Imatest Version Compiler/Library Typical location (Environment variable and file name for 64-bit English installations) [Substitute C:\Program Files for C:\Program files (x86) in 32-bit computers.]

Compiler v911
supported compilers

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v911

Compiler v910 supported compilers

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v910

Compiler v99
supported compilers

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v99

Compiler v98
supported compilers

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v98

Compiler v97
supported compilers

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v97

Compiler v96
supported compilers

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v96

Compiler v93
supported compilers

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v93

Compiler v92
supported compilers

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v92

Compiler v901
supported compilers

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v901

Compiler v90
supported compilers

%ProgramFiles%\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v90
C:\Program Files (x86)\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v90
4.1,4.2 Compiler v85
supported compilers

%ProgramFiles%\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v85
C:\Program Files (x86)\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v85


Compiler 4.18.1 V81
supported compilers

%ProgramFiles%\MATLAB\MATLAB Compiler Runtime\v81
C:\Program Files (x86)\MATLAB\MATLAB Compiler Runtime\v81

3.7-3.9 Compiler 4.14 V714 %ProgramFiles%\MATLAB\MATLAB Compiler Runtime\v714
C:\Program Files (x86)\MATLAB\MATLAB Compiler Runtime\v714
3.6 Compiler 4.11 V711 %ProgramFiles%\MATLAB\MATLAB Compiler Runtime\v711
C:\Program Files (x86)\MATLAB\MATLAB Compiler Runtime\v711
before 3.6 Compiler 3

C:\Program Files (x86)\Imatest\toolbox\matlab

Note: Matlab’s nomenclature can be extremely confusing. For example, Matlab R2010b (7.11) uses Matlab Component Runtime 7.14 and Compiler 4.14, See

The MCR is included in all 3.6+ downloads.  The download and installation may take several minutes each. When the installation is finished,

  • The MCR should be located in %ProgramFiles%MATLABMATLAB Compiler Runtimev714 (for Imatest 3.7+; …V711 for 3.6) in 32-bit systems (%ProgramFiles% is C:Program Files in English-language Win32 installations) or %ProgramFiles(x86)%MATLABMATLAB Compiler Runtimev714 (or …V711) in 64-bit systems (%ProgramFiles(x86)% is C:Program Files (x86) in English-language Win64 installations)
  • Imatest is located in %ProgramFiles%ImatestImatest in 32-bit systems (%ProgramFiles is C:Program Files in English-language Win32 installations) or %ProgramFiles(x86)%ImatestImatest in 64-bit systems (%ProgramFiles(x86) is C:Program Files (x86) in English-language Win64 installations)
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Legacy Registration (v3.7 and below)

Register imatest

The following paragraphs apply to Imatest Studio 4.1 and earlier and to other Imatest versions 3.7 and earlier.
For Imatest 3.7+, follow the instructions on Activate online or Activate offline.

After you’ve installed and purchased Imatest or Imatest Renewal (Studio or versions 3.6 or earlier) you’ll need to register it by clicking on the Register button in the Imatest main window or by clicking on Help, Register or License manager (activate). It’s a good idea to check the Imatest download page or Change log for the latest version.

If you have a personal firewall, we recommend disabling it before you register. You may re-enable it as soon as registration is complete. If you can’t register online following the instructions below, try Offline registration. You must have administrator privileges on your computer. This is rarely an issue, except on networked systems with strong security.

Fill in the the Register Imatest window: Enter your name, company (if applicable), e-mail, and the password you entered when you signed up on, then click on Register. If you forgot your password, click on Recover password. This opens a web page that enables you to recover your lost password via e-mail.

Imatest registration window
Registration window

If your computer is connected to the internet, you will receive a confirmation of your registration. The version of Imatest you purchased (Master or Studio) will be activated immediately. In rare instances where the pressing Register hangs up the computer, click on Manual activation and follow the instructions below.

Offline registration

The following paragraphs apply to Imatest Studio and to Imatest versions 3.7 and earlier.
For Imatest 3.8+, follow the instructions on Activate offline.

If your computer is offline, or if you are unable to connect because of a firewall that can’t be disabled, the following box appears in response to Register.

Click on Offline activation. The box below appears with instructions for offline (manual) registration. Steps 2-4 can be performed on any computer connected to the internet.

On, fill in all the fields as shown below, then click Make Activation Code . Don’t leave any fields blank— always enter something. Your code will be e-mailed to you. Enter it into the Activation key: field, above.

If you have difficulties, refer to the Troubleshooting page or contact

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