Account Administration for Floating Licenses

September 13, 2016
September 13, 2016

Floating licenses can remove a lot of headache in keeping track of your licenses by allowing everyone on your team to use the same license. However, Imatest licenses require that the license code by assigned to one user account. This can be handled in one of two ways.


Assigning the license to one admin user


This is the easiest to implement method, and it’s how we have done it internally at Imatest. The user should not be the license purchaser, because the user’s store account will be used by the rest of the team.


  1. If the designated admin does not have an Imatest store account, they can create a new account on the Imatest customer portal.
  2. The admin user should then activate Imatest using their Imatest store account.
  3. The license is now “assigned” to that admin user that activated Imatest.
  4. The admin will share their account login details with all other users who will use that admin user account to activate Imatest on their machines.


If a company’s admin user changes for any reason, please contact us at, and we can quickly change to a different user that you designate.


Using a general licensing email account


This method requires the generation of a general email account unused by others, but it needs to be real in order for the email verification to work.


  1. Create an email account, like This email will be used for license support renewal notifications so the emails should get forwarded to the appropriate person.
  2. Use the generated email to create an Imatest store account via the Imatest customer portal.
  3. Have a user activate Imatest using the store account created in step 2.
  4. The license is now assigned to that store account with generic email.
  5. Provide the login details (email and password) for the general admin account to all users so they can activate Imatest on their specific machine.

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