Mobile Image Quality Test Package

January 24, 2018
May 12, 2022


This assembly of products can comprise a complete test solution. If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 720.328.5105, Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm (Mountain Time).


Test Lab Equipment

  • Imatest Modular Test Stand - 2M Rail + $8,900.00
    Imatest Modular Test Stand - 3.5M Rail + $10,950.00
    Imatest MTS Wide Field of View Module + $11,240.00$12,640.00

Reflective Resolution Chart

  • ISO 12233:2017 Edge SFR (E-SFR) Chart 4x Extended, extra wedges-Matte + $775.00
    ISO 12233: 2014 Edge SFR (E-SFR) Photographic Chart-Enhanced-4x with Color + $1,660.00
    ISO 12233: 2014 Edge SFR (E-SFR) Photographic Chart-Enhanced-2x with Color + $1,220.00
    Checkerboard Test Chart - Matte 4:1 Contrast Ratio, Large, Square Height 12 + $645.00

Reflective Lighting

  • Kino Flo 31 LED DMX Lighting Systems + $9,970.00

CPIQ Test Charts

  • Dot Pattern Test Chart - Large (25 Dots High) + $570.00
    Dot Pattern Test Chart-Medium-Small (25 Dots High) + $415.00
    Imatest Spilled Coins (Dead Leaves) Test Chart-Large-Matte-3:1-Single-B&W + $490.00
    Calibrite Digital ColorChecker SG + $490.00


  • Imatest LED Lightbox – Multi-Channel Visible Light + $4,900.00$17,700.00
    Imatest LED High Lux Lightbox + $17,700.00
    Gamma Scientific RS-7-2 Large Output Port + $35,100.00

Lightbox Test Charts

  • ISO12233:2017 Edge SFR (eSFR) on Color High-Precision LVT Film-Enhanced-0.75x with Frame + $620.00
    Low Dynamic Range Test Chart 4:5 + $570.00
    Low Dynamic Range Test Chart 16:9 with Frame + $720.00
    Wide Dynamic Range 36-patch Test Chart-GrayWorld with Frame + $1,380.00

Image Stabalization

  • IQL 6DoF Image Stabilization Test System + $54,600.00

Robotic Automation

  • Sofica IQLaR S12 Robot Arm with 500mm reach + $42,000.00
    Sofica IQLaR S17 Robot Arm with 750mm reach + $48,000.00
    Sofica S-Track 2 Meter for IQLaR + $13,130.00
    Sofica S-Track Additional 1 Meter for IQLaR + $2,100.00
    Sofica Electric Height Adjustable Rack & Table for IQLaR + $2,700.00
    Isolight Puck Loopback for Sofica IQLaR + $2,050.00
    Sofica Lighting Control Plug-in for IQLaR + $1,580.00
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Depending on what capabilities you need in your lab, you can select an assortment of our software, equipment and test charts.


Compare the different versions of Imatest Software.

Test Lab Fixtures / Test Stands

Imatest offers an easy-to-use, Modular Test Stand with add-on modules for specific testing needs.

Reflective Resolution Chart

For sharpness measurement along with many other image quality factors, see ISO-12233.

Our checkerboard chart provides detailed sharpness and distortion analysis at a larger range of working distances.

Reflective lighting

See our reflective lighting comparison.

CPIQ Test Targets

For performing tests according to the Camera Phone Image Quality standard.


Find more details about our Uniform Light Sources.

Lightbox Test Charts

For mounting on the ITI LED lightbox, these charts can test macro focusing or dynamic range performance.

Robotic Automation

See our robotic automation equipment page.

Motion Generators

See our moton generators equipment page.


Photo by Andri Koolme

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