Imatest Veiling Glare Mask and Frame for Contrast Resolution

November 11, 2021
April 18, 2022


The Veiling Glare Mask pairs with the Imatest Contrast Resolution Target and Frame to reduce light entering the camera from the twelve lightest patches by 86%. Stray light from these patches is the primary cause of “veiling glare”, which fogs the darkest patches on the chart and limits Dynamic Range (DR).



By photographing the Contrast Resolution Chart without and with the Veiling Glare Mask, veiling glare can be measured by comparing the pixel levels of patches in the bottom (darkest) row, and two DR measurements can be obtained: a standard DR measurement, made without the mask, and a low veiling glare DR measurement, made with the mask. Detailed instructions can be found here

The two images must be exposed identically to obtain a valid measurement. Since auto exposure is likely to result in very different exposures without and with the mask (auto exposure tends to overexpose the masked image), the camera under test should support manual exposure control.

Each item can be purchased individually.