Interchangeable Lens Camera Image Quality Test Package

October 30, 2018
May 12, 2022


This assembly of products can comprise a complete image quality test solution for interchangeable lens cameras.

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Test Lab Equipment

  • Imatest Modular Test Stand - 2M Rail + $8,900.00

Reflective Lighting

  • Kino Flo 31 LED DMX Lighting Systems + $9,970.00


  • Imatest LED Lightbox Size B with 3100K & 6500K light channels + $4,900.00
    Imatest LED High Lux Lightbox + $17,700.00
    Gamma Scientific RS-7-1-VIS Tunable LED + $24,400.00

Reflective Test Charts

  • ISO 12233: 2014 Edge SFR (E-SFR) Photographic Chart-Enhanced-4x with Color + $1,660.00
    ISO 12233:2017 Edge SFR (E-SFR) Chart 4x Extended, extra wedges-Matte + $775.00
    ISO 12233: 2014 Edge SFR (E-SFR) Photographic Chart-Enhanced-2x with Color + $1,220.00
    Calibrite Digital ColorChecker SG + $490.00
    Checkerboard Test Chart - Matte 4:1 Contrast Ratio, Large, Square Height 12 + $645.00
    Checkerboard Test Chart - Near Infrared & Visible-Reflective Photographic, 4:1 Contrast Ratio, Medium, Square Height 12 + $950.00

Lightbox Test Charts

  • Ultra High Dynamic Range 36-patch Test Chart with DarkWorld Mask and Frame + $2,090.00
    Wide Dynamic Range 36-patch Test Chart with DarkWorld Mask & Frame + $1,480.00
    ISO12233:2017 Edge SFR (eSFR) on Color High-Precision LVT Film-Enhanced-0.75x with Frame + $620.00
    Checkerboard Chrome on Glass 4", 20x20 4mm squares + $1,230.00
    Checkerboard Chrome on Glass 2", 15x15 2mm squares + $730.00
    Checkerboard Chrome on Glass 4", 10x10 8mm squares + $1,230.00
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Depending on what capabilities you need in your lab, you can select an assortment of our software, equipment and test charts.


Compare the different versions of Imatest Software.

Test Lab Fixtures / Test Stands

The Imatest Modular Test Stand offers an easy-to-use platform for image quality testing and is purpose-built for a professional lab setting. Add the Reflective Module or Wide Field of View Module to the Base Module for a versatile test stand. 

Reflective Test Charts

For sharpness measurement along with many other image quality factors, see ISO-12233.

Test color accuracy with the X-Rite Digital ColorChecker

Our checkerboard chart provides detailed sharpness and distortion analysis at a larger range of working distances.

Reflective lighting

See our reflective lighting comparison.


Find more details about our Uniform Light Sources.

Lightbox Test Charts

For mounting on the Imatest LED Lightbox, the chrome on glass checkerboard charts test macro focusing, and the HDR targets test dynamic range performance.