ISO 12233: Ver. QA-76 Digital Cine resolution chart

October 30, 2011
June 28, 2022


This resolution chart is an adaptation of the features of the ISO12233 standard (QA-72) to higher aspect ratios and also includes higher resolution features. This targets active area measures 600mm x 1440mm (23.62″ x 56.69″).

Note that this chart does not conform to the new ISO 12233:2014 standard, released in February, 2014 (although an image is included in the standard for reference). We recommend the ISO 12233:2014 E-SFR chart for new work that does not specifically require the old chart.

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Notes: This chart is used to measure sharpness from slanted-edge patterns (as Spatial Frequency Response = SFR) using the Imatest SFR module. It can also measure resolution from the hyperbolic wedges using the Imatest Wedge module (a part of Rescharts).

Overall Size:  700mm x 1550mm (27.5″ x 61″)

Technical Notes: Digital Cine Resolution Chart QA-76 v1-01.pdf


Polarity Refl. Material
Positive QA-76-P-RM

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