Skype™ & Lync Hardware Certification Video Quality Test Charts

November 16, 2011
September 16, 2022

These charts are compliant with the Unified Skype Lync standard v1.0 released August 2013 and v2.0 released November 2014:

For instructions on implementing the standard please visit:

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    Calibrite ColorChecker Classic Chart + $145.00
    Imatest Spilled Coins (Dead Leaves) Test Chart-Medium-Matte-3:1-Single-B&W + $415.00
    Imatest Spilled Coins (Dead Leaves) Test Chart-Large-Matte-3:1-Single-B&W + $490.00
    Low Dynamic Range Test Chart 4:5 with Frame + $720.00
    Dot Pattern Test Chart-X-Large-Large (15 Dots High) + $570.00
    Dot Pattern Test Chart-Medium-Large (15 Dots High) + $415.00
    SFRplus Chart: 24"x34", 5x7, Matte, Two-Tone + $490.00
    SFRplus Chart: 40"x60", 5x7, Matte, Two-Tone + $645.00
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Notice: For customers ordering with a PO, please refer to the following table and use the product SKU’s on your PO.

Product Name Product SKU
SFRplus Chart: 40″ x 60″, 5 x 7, Matte, Two-Tone SP08320
SFRplus Chart: 24″ x 34″, 5 x 7, Matte, Two-Tone SP00128
Dot Pattern Test Chart-Medium-Large (15 Dots High) DOTM15
Dot Pattern Test Chart-X-Large-Large (15 Dots High) DOTL15
X-Rite ColorChecker Classic Chart MSCCC
Imatest 36-Patch Dynamic Range Test Chart on High Precision 8″ x 10″ Film ITDR36
ISO-14524 digital camera contrast chart ST-52-RM* ST-52-RM*
Imatest Spilled Coins (Dead Leaves) Test Chart-Medium-Matte-3:1-Single ISC0016
Imatest Spilled Coins (Dead Leaves) Test Chart-Large-Matte-3:1-Single ISC0024

* This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. As an alternative, please consider the ISO-14524 Pattern offered by Imatest.

Please note that in 2013, the Skype Specification was revised. In this revision the surface type of the test charts has been changed from Semi-Gloss/Luster to Matte, as a measure to reduce specular reflection. The table below indicates the model numbers for the legacy charts, and the corresponding model numbers for the new matte surface charts. 

Chart Size Paper Size Active Area Legacy Model # Current Model #
Small 24″ × 34″ 22″ × 33″ SP01152 SP00128
Large 44″ × 60″ 40″ × 59″ SP09344 SP08320


Charts are black and white, including a focus star, 20 patch step chart, and include 10:1 as well as 2:1 contrast ratios.

As shown on our blog, these charts are first mentioned in Version 5.0 of the Skype™ Hardware Certification Specification.

Skype™ is a registered trademark of Skype Limited.

Lighting Setup for ITDR-36

As written in the specification, “This chart needs an uniform light emitting surface below the chart, such as a dedicated light box.” For this purpose we recommend the GL-16E Lightbox Viewer. This lightbox provides even illumination and features a high frequency ballast to eliminate flicker. 

Ink Jet Chart Resolution

This chart, and all our ink jet printed charts have an approximate MTF50 of 5 cycles/mm.  Please keep this in mind when choosing the size of chart.  Using a chart that is too small with a high-resolution sensor can result in the MTF of the chart degrading the measured MTF of the camera system.