Imatest Fixture for Thouslite LEDCube (Set of 2)

August 25, 2021
May 5, 2022


The Thouslite Fixture allows you to incorporate the Thouslite LEDCube tunable light source into your test lab. The fixture is a set of two stands and is designed to hold up to three LEDCubes per stand.

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    • Reproduce high quality blackbody & daylight illuminants including tungsten and daylight
    • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) from 2700K to 6500K with CCT accuracy <±50K
    • Luminance adjustable with no warm up time
    • High uniformity (<96%) with flicker free light output
    • Optimized heat management and driver board design for excellent long term stability
    • LEDCube hardware can save up to 80 light source presets programmable via software
    • Fast & accurate calibration – compatible with spectrometer and LEDNavigator software
    • Dynamic lighting – Programmable light sequences and intervals
    • LED channel wavelength selection service includes UV, Visible, and NIR wavelengths
    • This fixture does not include the LEDCube light source, power cord, USB cable, wireless sender, touch screen controller

Lead time approximately 14 weeks.