Highly customized optical & metrology solutions


Optikos provides innovative applications of optical technology to a range of government, commercial, and consumer products organizations worldwide. Organizations of all types—from startups to Fortune 500 companies—seek out Optikos for its expertise in optically-based product design, development and manufacturing; and for its standard-setting metrology products and services.


Why Optikos® Solutions? 

  • Over 30 years of experience building test solutions
  • World class, innovative optical design
  • Highly customizable products and services
  • In-house testing services
  • Complete engineering design services
  • ISO 9001 certification, Photonics Circle of Excellence Awards
  • Integrates with Imatest image quality testing software 

Testing Capabilities:

  • Complete solutions for optical system qualification
  • System level test from ultraviolet to infrared
  • Lens and camera testing equipment
  • Ophthalmic testing equipment