Imatest sells exclusive license for intrinsic geometric calibration software to Furonteer

April 29, 2021
April 29, 2021

Imatest, LLC, a leader in image quality testing software, analysis, test charts, and test lab equipment, and Furonteer, the forerunner in the field of ADAS/Autonomous Sensing Camera Assembly & Test Equipment, announced that Furonteer has purchased the exclusive license to Imatest’s intrinsic geometric calibration software. The two companies partnered originally in 2019 to launch the Imatest-Furonteer geometric calibration solution. 

With the exclusive license purchase, Furonteer will continue offering production line testing for ADAS and autonomous vehicle camera systems to enable companies to better measure the images captured by their devices. The solution calibrates manufactured camera systems to accurately map pixel positions to real-world positions (intrinsic, extrinsic, and distortion). It combines the analysis software and calibration hardware required for high throughput on a production line.

“Imatest has found Furonteer to be an excellent provider of calibration solutions.” says Henry Koren, Chief Product Officer of Imatest LLC. “Furonteer’s ability to deliver precise, reliable, and efficient test equipment has been proven with many customers. Furonteer’s expertise will extend the strong capabilities of Imatest’s calibration software.” 

Simon Bae, CEO of Furonteer states, “Leveraging Imatest’s long experience and accumulated technology in image quality test software, Imatest-Furonteer co-developed highly accurate and reliable intrinsic geometric calibration systems. Furonteer expects to introduce this solution to global ADAS camera manufacturers to accelerate the sales momentum with top global automotive tier-1 customers.”

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