Google’s Android Image Quality Expert Pursues New Role With Imatest

February 17, 2022
June 14, 2022

Imatest is happy to welcome Jonathan Phillips, previous Google Android head of imaging, to the team as Vice President of Imaging. Under Phillips’ technical leadership, Imatest will be expanding its software features, equipment portfolio, and consulting services across imaging market segments. As the previous leader of image quality in Google’s Android organization, Phillips focused on the launch and establishment of Google’s Pixel phone line, particularly its camera and display image quality and features. In addition, Jonathan has an extensive background in image quality with NVIDIA and Kodak, and is a co-author of “Camera Image Quality Benchmarking”.

Such an announcement has grabbed traction among the tech and imaging industry, reaching companies such as BusinessWire and Colorado Photonics. Welcome to the team, Jonathan!

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