Imatest Puck Plate

February 24, 2022
March 21, 2024


Imatest’s Isolight Puck Plate for Measuring Reflective Uniformity

The Isolight Puck light and color sensor is an ideal companion for image quality testing and camera calibration. The Puck Plate allows you to quickly set and verify your lighting color and light level using embedded magnets on a 3×3 grid providing accurate, repeatable measurements. Measure uniformity across the surface of size 2x or 4x reflective test charts using a single Isolight Puck (sold separately).

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  • Embedded magnets for quick, repeatable positioning of Isolight Pucks
  • Measure uniformity across the surface of your test chart with a single Isolight Puck
  • Includes a 3×3 grid for both size 2x and 4x reflective test charts
  • Measure lighting intensity and color temperature
  • Serial-over-USB interface is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices 9 Angular response is cosine fourth function
  • The full-color RGB LED ring can be programmed to alert you to any lighting condition




11Kg (24lbs)


1277mm x 851mm x 14mm

Supported Chart Sizes

eSFR ISO 2x, eSFR ISO 4x

Shipping Weight

23Kg (51lbs)

Shipping Dimmensions

1111.25mm x 1409.7mm x 114.3mm

Isolight Puck LUX Value Range

0.1 lux to 1.0 Mlux

Isolight Puck LUX Value Accuracy

Greater of 2 lux or +/-5% of reading

Isolight Puck Color Response

Full Color Response in CIE-x, or CIE-y coordiantes, Color temperature (K)

Isolight Puck Color Temp Accuracy

+/-100K at 2856K

Isolight Puck Chromaticity

+/-0.005 in CIE xy chromaticity space within 0.05 delta uv from the Blackbody locus

Isolight Puck Power Requirements

200mA, USB 2.0 mini-B connector

Isolight Puck Dimmensions

40mm x 40mm x 21mm