Macro Multi-Target

July 28, 2022
June 5, 2023


This LVT Film target combines four target patterns on a single piece of color LVT film including a high and low contrast Siemens star, Log-F contrast and Spilled coins texture patterns. The four target patterns are useful for evaluating the effects of signal processing for imaging systems with a small imaging area. 

Optional Frame

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This chart is provided on 203x254mm (8×10 inch) high precision LVT film. 

Each target pattern is 60mm wide.

The small size and high resolution of these patterns make them useful for macro and endoscopic applications. If a RAW image cannot be obtained, this will assist in characterization of image quality factors by enabling the analysis of features that are less affected by signal processing than the slanted-edge.

The target is ideal for relatively short working distance and small imaging area. 

The optional acrylic frame for this target will allow it to be easily placed and removed from the ITI size B Lightbox or Light Panel, or DNP Viewer.