Imatest Announces the new MTS Reflective Module

January 14, 2020
April 7, 2020
MTS Reflective Module image

Imatest is now offering the MTS Reflective Module, which is an add-on to the Imatest Modular Test Stand. The easy-to-use Module is designed to work with Kino Flo Freestyle 31 lights and reflective charts. High-quality hardware allows you to effortlessly position lights, while angle and position markers help record light bank locations for future testing. The Base Module, target, and Kino Flo lights are sold separately. For custom configurations, contact 


  • Physical indicators to mark positions
  • Angle indicators to determine incident light angles
  • Easy and dampened height adjustment
  • Designed to work with Kino Flo Freestyle 31 lighting system.

For additional information, see the Imatest MTS Reflective Module Info Sheet.


Total shipping weight with crate92kg
Width when fully extended3100mm (122.03”)
Travel distance of light*A. Height adjustment: 300mm (11.81”); B. Distance from chart: 250mm (39.37”) – 1250mm (49.21”); C. Incident angle: 22º – 90º

*Kino Flo Freestyle 31 lights sold separately.

Imatest MTS Reflective Module

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