Imatest Announces the New Collimator Fixture

February 4, 2020
May 6, 2020

Imatest introduces its new Collimator Fixture, which can test your imaging system at distances up to infinity — all within the limited space of a test lab. 

Imatest developed this relay lens system for R&D to help its customers test at hyperfocal distances within a limited space.

“The Collimator Fixture is adaptable to numerous camera systems by providing adjustable simulated test distances, interchangeable collimating lenses and a variety of charts,” says Henry Koren, director of engineering at Imatest.

The Fixture integrates with Imatest LED Light Panels (sizes C through G) and includes a joystick and computer-control interface for automatic positioning using four motorized stages. It also features storage and recall of device positions. For more information, pricing, and current lead time, contact 

Collimator Fixture Video

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