High Dynamic Range Target, ITI LED Lightbox

September 23, 2015
April 8, 2020
Imatest Lightbox

We are pleased to announce our new High Dynamic Range (HDR) test chart with a density range exceeding 120dB (optical density >6.0). This chart allows you to the measure the dynamic range, tonal response and noise of HDR cameras with a single image instead of multiple, exposure bracketed images. It also contains slanted edges for MTF measurements. The middle gray background density closely resembles our 36-patch Dynamic Range target, enabling proper exposure with automatic exposure cameras. HDR test targets with black backgrounds tend to overexpose the brighter patches with auto-exposure cameras.ITHDR36_preview

The new chart is well suited for measuring both camera and sensor dynamic range, which are fundamentally different. Camera DR measurements are affected by flare (stray) light in the lens. They represent real-world performance. Sensor measurements are based on the patch pixel and noise levels in unprocessed RAW images, using the technique described in Multicharts/Multitest/eSFR ISO Noise, which fits data to an equation based on dark and photon noise.

The HDR chart’s active area of 197 x 235mm is a good fit for both the DNP Standard Color Viewer and ITI LED lightbox. Imatest recommends using the HDR Target with a high illuminance light source in order to provide sufficient light to test image sensors over their range of sensitivity.

Visit our store to learn more.s_Lightbox_Front_WithHDR_Transparent_BlackBackground

ITI LED Lightbox

The ITI LED Lightbox produces uniform light with excellent spectral characteristics that can be adjusted over a wide range of brightness (30-10,000 lux; >300:1) to illuminate transmissive test charts. Automatic control is available through Bluetooth support or USB. The 260 mm x 220 mm viewing area is an excellent match to Imatest’s 36-patch Standard and High Dynamic Range charts.

This lightbox provides 95% uniformity, adjustability, and a high color rendering index (CRI), making it superior to other LED or fluorescent systems we’ve seen. See our Lightbox Comparison Guide for details or learn more from our store.







4 thoughts on “High Dynamic Range Target, ITI LED Lightbox

  1. Hi,

    We just bought a ITI Led box and your chart. I’m designing a holder to hold the chart. Can I have air gap between the chart and the illumination area? Or I have to tape the chart completely on the light box? Thanks!

    • There should be no problem at all if there is an air gap between the chart and light box surface.

  2. hi, we have a problem, if we use the same picture which get from a camera, we just choose different area in Dynamic Range test , but the software give to result,as one give 70db, the other one is 80db. This result makes us confuse, one picture might have one dynamic range, it can’t be change just because we choose areas slighty difference.
    How to resolve this situation?
    We look forward to your reply

    • I may have missed this. In cases like this it’s best to send us the image. We should be able to diagnose the situation quickly. I would also like to see the window with the two region selections. In general there is not much room to change the region selection. The fill factor can make a difference if there are edge effects in the image. We can determine this if we see the image.

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