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July 3, 2019
March 31, 2020

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Imatest-Furonteer Partner to Reduce Geometric Camera Calibration Time

Imatest and Furonteer Reduce Camera Instrinsic Calibration Time

Imatest and Furonteer partnered in early 2019 to provide high throughput production machines for geometric calibration of single and multicamera devices.


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Imatest software testing program for early access - Pilot Program

Join our Pilot Program

A new Imatest software release is coming soon. Join our pilot program for early access to the new version in testing.


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Featured Products

Test Lens Flare with Imatest ISO 18844 Chart

Flare ISO 18844 Chart

Obtain accurate measurements of flare across the lens’ field of view by capturing more high-density spots. The chart is compliant with the ISO 18844 standard part C.


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Imatest Frame for Chrome on Glass Charts

Imatest Frame for Chrome on Glass Chart

Test ultrahigh resolution cameras with more repeatability by securing the chrome on glass plate to a highly uniform light source.


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Image Quality Testing Tips

Lens Testing

The quality of a camera lens determines how an image forms on a sensor. Lens quality is tested to verify the lens is designed, built and focused correctly. 


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MTF Slanted Edge Testing by Bartolomeo Montrucchio (Video)

Bartolomeo Montrucchio, Associate Professor at Turin Polytechnic, thoroughly explains how to measure MTF with the slanted edge approach using Imatest software and test chart. He uses a Zeiss Distagon ZF 21mm f2,8 as a test bench for measuring MTF with an Edmund Optics EO18112 industrial camera.


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Featured Training

Imatest Training in San Jose, California

November 6-7, 2019 – San  Jose, CA

Imatest Training in Beijing, China

November 13-14, 2019 – Beijing, China


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In the know


Photo by Vu Tong of Venus Optics. Probe Lens Image.

The Probe Lens

Photo by Yu Tong. Venus Optics.

PetaPixel shares information about the Venus Optics 24mm macro probe lens with examples of it in use. 

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NIR Boost from new OmniVision Sensor Development

Near-infrared imaging: Process improvements boost NIR quantum efficiency

Recent developments in image sensor technology provide higher sensitivity to NIR photons, producing brighter and sharper images in NIR.

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