Imatest announces new partnership with Edmund Optics

June 13, 2022
June 14, 2022

Imatest is proud to announce a new partnership with Edmund Optics.

The partnership will enable customers to seamlessly buy Imatest software and charts via Edmund Optics’ website, and will help both Imatest and Edmund Optics customers develop quality optical systems.

In addition, the two companies collaborated for a webinar about “Practices to Optimize & Validate Vision Systems” on May 26th that can now be reached on demand here. Hosted by Nicholas Sischka, Director of Imaging Product Development (Edmund Optics), and Henry Koren, Chief Product Officer (Imatest), listeners will learn key nomenclature and terminology for imaging system metrology, the ways in which each component of a machine vision system are tested, and how to use lens and camera metrology equipment with software to ensure system performance.

Imatest can benefit Edmund Optics customers by enabling the validation of quality of their cameras to ensure they meet the specified requirements,” said Henry Koren, Chief Product Officer at Imatest.

This partnership will allow Edmund Optics’ imaging customers to easily acquire all of the tools needed to evaluate their imaging performance,” said Greg Hollows, Vice President of Product Strategy and New Product Development at Edmund Optics.

The agreement brings together the expertise in image quality testing and assessment from Imatest and the manufacturing and knowledge base of optics, imaging, and photonics technology from Edmund Optics. Find out more about our partnerships and resellers at our about page.


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