Kino Flo 31 LED DMX Lights (Set of 2)

July 14, 2020
July 5, 2023


The Kino Flo LED lighting systems are ideal for providing uniform, glare-free illumination for Imatest’s full range of reflective test charts, up to 44 x 78″ (111.7 x 198 cm). This set of two is designed to work with either the Imatest MTS-Reflective Module or the MTS-Wide Field of View Module. Stands are not included.

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Kino Flo F31 LED DMX Lights only (no stand included).

This product can integrate with the Imatest Modular Test Stand Reflective Module or the Imatest Modular Test Stand Wide Field of View Module

The Kino Flo lights are also available with stands for use in test lab that is not equipped with the Imatest MTS Reflective Module or WFOV Module.