SFRplus Charts for GTI Light Boxes

March 10, 2013
October 17, 2022


The SFRplus test chart can be used with the Imatest SFRplus module to measure MTF, lateral chromatic aberration, distortion, and tonal response. The SFRplus module features fully automated region-of-interest detection. The SFRplus chart offers significant advantages over commonly used charts such as the ISO 12233 chart, including 1) much less wasted area, 2) the ability to produce a map of sharpness over the sensor surface, 3) better measurement accuracy due to the lower contrast, and 4) full support for automated testing.

These transmissive charts are designed to mount directly into the light boxes produced by GTI. The bar-to-bar height and width of the total chart are designed and cut to fit into the GTI light boxes with as little light bleed as possible.


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These charts are produced on either photographic film with a high-precision LVT film recording process for the best possible density range, low noise, and fine detail, or on a translucent inkjet film.

LVT Film Resolution

The edges have an MTF50 >= 10 cycles/mm, which is about 2 to 3 times better than the best inkjet charts. The large patterns are fine enough to produce good results with up to 30 megapixel cameras.

Inkjet Film

The edges have an MTF50 >= 4 cycles/mm. The large patterns are fine enough to produce good results with up to 10 megapixel cameras.

Video (Watch on our site)

Documentation and software support

SFRplus can be run either through the highly-interactive Rescharts interface or as a batch-capable fixed module. The key documentation for getting started is Using SFRplus Part 1, found in the SFRplus section of the Documentation page. We recommend framing the chart with a small amount of white space above and below the top and bottom bars. Badly-framed charts can be analyzed with SFR using manual ROI selection.

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