January 2015 Newsletter

January 8, 2015
October 3, 2022

New Chrome on Glass Targets

Imatest is excited to announce our new Chrome on Glass Target sizes. We have increased our target selection from 2″ x 2″ Chrome on Glass SFRplus Targets to a variety of sizes and highly customizable solutions. 

The chrome on glass substrate provides extremely high resolution targets to satisfy a variety of testing needs. We offer larger targets for customers using high resolution cameras within compact testing systems, as well as extremely small targets for testing equipment like endoscopes and microscopes at varying magnifications. 

The Chrome on Glass Target is two-tone, with a contrast ratio of 10:1 and suitable for testing imaging system resolution. With the substrate available in sizes from 1″ x 2″ up to 20″ x 20″, this is a premium product with excellent stability and performance. Contact charts@imatest.com for custom solutions.


2015 Training Course Schedule

Members of the Imatest team will be holding free Information Seminars and paid 2-day Training Courses in both the United States and Asia in 2015. Learn about image quality testing and how to properly leverage Imatest software to its fullest potential. Companies that register two or more engineers will receive a discount of 20% per registrant. Register here

U.S. Courses:
San Jose Feb 23 & 24
San Jose June 1 & 2
San Jose Sep 1 & 2
San Jose Nov 10 & 11
Asia Courses:
Shenzhen March 25 & 26
Shanghai June 24 & 25
Seoul Aug 26 & 27
Beijing Oct 21 & 22
Taipei Dec 9 & 10

Happy New Year 2015!

We wish each of our customers, resellers and partners a happy and prosperous new year! May you have high resolution and your images be clear.  


Upcoming Trade Shows:

Electronic Imaging
Feb 9 – 12


Imatest Updates:

RIT Holiday Auction
Imatest partnered with the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Photo Sciences Club for their Annual Holiday Auction. Over $12,000 was raised from the Auction and is to be shared between a local charity and funding the educational initiatives of the Student’s Association.


Fun Bits:

Barack Obama becomes the first U.S. President to write code! Read more here.


Current Release:

Imatest 4.0.27

Check your support status and eligibility to upgrade.

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