Imatest EI Presentations Now Online

March 12, 2020
March 31, 2020

The research papers presented at this year’s Electronic Imaging Symposium (EI 2020) by Imatest engineers are now available.

“It was an honor to meet with the imaging community at EI 2020 and having the opportunity to share our research,” said Henry Koren, Director of Engineering at Imatest.

The presented papers include:

  • Measuring Camera Shannon Information Capacity with a Siemens Star Image by Norman Koren, founder and CTO
    Shannon information capacity can be expressed as bits per pixel or megabits per image, and is a figure of merit for predicting camera performance for a variety of machine vision applications, including medical and automotive imaging systems. This paper introduces a method for conveniently measuring Shannon information capacity from images of the sinusoidal Siemens Star chart.

Note: The white paper, Camera Information Capacity, is recommended as a more accessible introduction to camera information capacity.

  • Correcting Misleading Image Quality Measurements by Norman Koren, founder and CTO
    In this paper, the author reviews several, common image quality measurements that are often misinterpreted in images. Also included are details on how valid measurements are obtained.

  • Validation Methods for Geometric Camera Calibration by Paul Romanczyk, Senior Imaging Scientist
    A geometric calibration provides a mathematical model for the pointing direction of each pixel in the camera. In this paper, the author describes a series of tests that assess the goodness of the geometric calibration. The tests enable comparison and tuning of different calibration models for an as-built camera.

  • Describing and Sampling the LED Flicker Signal by Robert Sumner, Lead Engineer, Imaging Science
    High-frequency flickering light sources such as pulse-width modulated LEDs can cause image sensors to record incorrect levels. Theoretical foundations and the implications for practical testing of “LED Flicker” effect are discussed as well as notes on how to use this model to reduce the burden of large amounts of test data.

  • Verification of Long-Range MTF Testing Through Intermediary Optics by Alex Schwartz, Mechanical Engineer; Sarthak Tandon, Mechanical Engineer; and Jackson Knappen, Imaging Science Engineer
    A method for validating simulated distances from the Imatest Collimator Fixture, which tests imaging systems at simulated distances up to infinity, is presented here. The method compares Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) results between real world image captures and image captures through the intermediary optic at various nominal test distances.











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