Speeding Up Imatest IT with INI File Settings

This article focuses on how to improve the performance of Imatest IT testing using configuration (ini file) settings. Limiting the […]

Acquiring video from Analog sources

Imatest is integrated with the the MATLAB Image Acquisition toolbox and can acquire images from a multitude of analog frame […]

Visual Studio Compiler Settings for Imatest IT

The settings for a Visual Studio project file require that you have proper path includes that point to the appropriate […]

32-Bit Operating System Warning – 64-Bit OS Required

32 bit supports ends as of Imatest version 4.5 There are many advantages to running an operating system and software that […]

svDoubleSclarRemW could not be located

Error message X   The procedure entry point svDoubleSclarRemW could not be located in the dynamic link library libmwservices.dll Issue: Path […]

Sharpness and Texture Analysis using Log F‑Contrast from Imaging-Resource

Imaging-resource.com publishes images of the Imatest Log F-Contrast* chart in its excellent camera reviews. These images contain valuable information about […]

Reflective Chart Quality Comparison: Inkjet vs. Photographic

In our last chart quality investigation we looked at the fine detail of transmissive (backlit) test charts. Now we will […]

No Perfect Lens, No Perfect Lens Test

Roger Cicala of LensRentals.com has completed the second part of his two part series investigating lens testing.

Imatest October 2013 Newsletter

Imatest 3.10 Released The latest version of Imatest has been optimized for speed and includes many improvements and new features. […]

Imatest 3.10 Released

The release of version 3.10 of Imatest brings a host of improvements to make image quality testing faster and more […]

Transmissive Chart Quality Comparison

Imatest currently sells several transmissive (backlit) test charts, which have a range of substrates, each with specific properties and qualities […]

Visit us at Electronic Imaging 2014 Feb 2-8

The week before the conference, we invite you to join us for our two day Imatest Training Class taught by […]

Silicon Valley Presentation & Demo October 23

This event is passed.  Thanks for your interest.   We’ll be back in Silicon Valley early next year for Electronic […]

Measuring Test Chart Patches with a Spectrophotometer

Using Babelcolor Patch Tool or SpectraShop 4 This post describes how to measure color and grayscale patches on a variety of […]

INI file corruption issue – How to reset Imatest INI file

Imatest does not support international characters in file name paths.  Using files with international characters will corrupt the Imatest INI […]

Region Selection bug workaround

Symptoms of problem: Upon selection of a region of interest, program stops working, either not responding or crashing. DOS window […]

Imatest IT in multi-threaded and multi-process environments

Imatest IT uses the Matlab runtime library which is a single-threaded routine that is not thread-safe. If your tester application […]

Imatest Asia Trip – February-March 2013

This event is past, thank you if you participated.  If you missed us, please try to catch us in Shanghai […]

Imatest 3.9 Released

Imatest 3.9 was released on December 14th 2012.   Please contact sales@imatest.com for purchase or renewal information. Here is a […]