Imatest Stray Light (Flare) Fixture

November 10, 2022
December 15, 2022


The Imatest Benchtop Stray Light (Flare) Fixture enables you to perform repeatable captures of a bright light source positioned at different angles in (or outside of) the camera’s field of view. This fixture includes:

  • Imatest Motorized Gimbal
  • Halogen fiber optic light source with pitch / yaw stage, base plate, 3D printed riser
  • Matte black acrylic light shield with mounting hardware
  • 120 cm x 60 cm optical breadboard with metric holes / spacing, shock absorbing feet

Information Sheet

Learn more about the Imatest Stray Light (Flare) Test solution. Using Imatest, various metrics and summary statistics can be derived from the resulting images. Read more about Stray Light analysis in Imatest. Consider a Blackout Curtain designed specifically for the Stray Light Fixture.


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38.55 Kg (85 lbs)


1394mmx 600mmx 449mm

Maximum Field of View:

VFOV: 158o | HFOV: >180o

Microstep Size (Default Resolution):


Accuracy / Repeatability / Backlash:

Accuracy: 0.08° | Repeatability: 0.02° | Backlash: 0.04o

Maximum Speed:


Operating Temperature Range:

0 to 50°C

Maximum DUT Weight:

2.5Kg (5.5lbs)

Light Output:

50 W Bulb with 3200K Color Temperature (90% CRI)

Power at Fiber Tip:

1.4 W at Maximum Bulb Intensity

Light Inensity Adjustability:

Adjustable from 0% to 100% with manual knob

Operating Wavelength Range:

400 – 1600 nm (Typical)

Output Power Stability:

±0.5% over 8 Hours

Lamp Lifetime:

1000 Hours to 50% Brightness

Electrical (System):

Voltage: 100-240 V AC input | Maximum Current Draw: 4 A