SFRreg Test Chart-Transmissive IJ 4:1 – Mounted for Imatest Light Panel Size F (26.8 x 35.7″)

April 17, 2019
January 11, 2022


The SFRreg test target consists of a slanted-edge quadrant pattern enclosed within a circle. It is used for measuring MTF and lateral chromatic aberration. A test image typically contains several targets that are automatically detected and analyzed by Imatest 4.2

Distortion Note: high amounts of distortion where the target may be compressed so that the major axis is 50% larger than the minor axis may have issues with autodetection. Pre-distortion for may be necessary for these cases.

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SFRreg targets can be placed at arbitrary positions and angles to accommodate a wide variety of test cases:

  • Long distance tests where conventional charts would be impractically large 
  • Ultra-wide Field of View tests (>170) where a flat target cannot reach the outer field
  • Autofocus tests where a single frame can contain several targets placed at different distances

Watch this video and see the SFRreg module in action.

Available substrates: High Precision Film, Reflective Inkjet and Transmissive Inkjet

Reflective Inkjet & Transmissive Inkjet size options

Size Option S.I. Imperial
1x 200 mm 7.9″
1.5x 300 mm 11.8″
2x 400 mm 15.7″
3x 600 mm 23.6″
4x 800 mm 31.5″
5x 1000 mm 39.4″

High precision film targets

Produced at a size of 196.85 mm x 234.95 mm (7.75″ x 9.25″)  on 8×10″ film.

Tiling Total Targets S.I. Imperial
1×1 1 196 mm 7.7″
1×2 2 117 mm 4.6″
2×2 4 98 mm 3.8″
2×3 6 78 mm 3.0″
3×4 12 58 mm 2.3″

Quantity discounts apply. 20% discount on orders of 5-8 targets. 40% discount on orders of 9+ targets. Discount will show in shopping cart.

The SFRreg module also supports the Optikos Meridian™ Production Camera Test System which projects test targets that allow you to test a camera focused at infinity in compact environments.

Please contact for additional customization options.