Imatest Customer Profile: Naveen Koul

August 1, 2022
August 3, 2022

Mia: The first question is what do you do for work?

Naveen: I’m an image quality engineer. I work mainly on tuning and image quality verification and validation. At present, I’m associated with Nuro.

Mia: How long have you been using Imatest?

Naveen: I have been using Imatest since around 2008.

Mia: Wow, awesome. What feature in the software do you find yourself using the most, or one that you usually gravitate towards?

Naveen: I have mostly used all the features across Imatest. But some features I use are the high dynamic range and noise ones, which are very interesting features Imatest has. Apart from all image quality features, Imatest provides a lot of data in the CSV files and the JSON files, which is quite useful.

Mia: For sure. Do you have any tips for people who are just beginning to use Imatest?

Naveen: Yeah, there’s a lot of very good documentation Imatest provides. Also, I’ve seen a lot of video lectures on YouTube for a beginner to start with and understand the tool well. I will advise, there is a lot of stuff in the CSV and the JSON files which does not get displayed on the images. That is really great data to look at that gives a lot of information about the image quality other than what the output saved images is.

Mia: Yeah, that’s a great bit of information. I make the videos for Imatest that you see on YouTube or on our website, so it’s good to hear they’re helpful. That’s a great idea for a video; showing people how to interpret the JSON files. Thank you so much for doing this!

Naveen: Sure. Thank you.

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