OS X Update leads to License “Already in Use”

When updating to a newer version of OSX, the licensing daemon may need to be reinstalled. This can be done […]

Announcing Imatest IT Parallel Processing

New Feature: Imatest IT Parallel Increasing testing throughput The new Imatest Industrial Testing Parallel uses parallel processing to improve the throughput […]

Invalid MEX File rjpg8c.mexw32

Some users have been getting the following error: Invalid MEX-file ‘C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2013a\mcr\toolbox\matlab\imagesci\private\rjpg8c.mexw32′ Error in readjpg If you are getting the […]

Troubleshooting errors with video files

The video file formats that are compatible with Imatest vary based on operating system and installed codecs. For a list […]

Infrared Targets, Correction for Slanted-Edge MTF Measurements

Infrared Targets  Standard Imatest inkjet-printed test charts produced prior to February 2016 work in Near InfraRed (NIR) wavelengths out to approximately 1 micron. […]

Selecting a Chart: SFRplus and eSFR ISO

SFRplus and eSFR ISO share many similar features and can be used to perform many similar image quality analyses. However, […]

Measuring Multiburst pattern MTF with Stepchart

Measuring MTF is not a typical application for Stepchart— certainly not its primary function— but it can be useful with […]

LSF correction factor for slanted-edge MTF measurements

A correction factor for the slanted-edge MTF (Edge SFR; E-SFR) calculations in SFR, SFRplus, eSFR ISO, SFRreg, and Checkerboard was […]

Gamutvision Installation & Activation Issues

Problems Installing Symptoms An error message such as this is shown on install: Solution 1. Download Imatest-lib.exe into the same folder […]

Problem Starting Imatest after Installation

Symptoms of the problem: After installation, upon attempting to start Imatest, nothing happens.   Running using diagnostic mode, or from a […]

Saved IT Plots are Black

Issue: When saving plots from Imatest IT and no display is connected or no graphics card is present the saved files […]

Imatest Ultimate: Activating Imatest IT along with Imatest Master

An Imatest license code can be configured to work for one or more Imatest product (Master, IS and IT).  Typically […]

Debugging Imatest IT

Debugging a console-based application Much of the diagnostic information produced by the Imatest library is output to STDOUT and STDERR […]

Service file is not current version or does not have sufficient privileges

After upgrading to a new version of Imatest, the following error dialog may be encountered:   Solution: Download this file (Service_Installer_node735.exe) […]

A Study of Slanted-Edge MTF Stability and Repeatability

by Jackson K.M. Roland Abstract The slanted-edge method of measuring the spatial frequency response (SFR) as an approximation of the modulation […]

February 2015: Managing Supply Chain Image Quality

Managing Supply Chain Image Quality Imatest just released the white paper Managing Supply Chain Quality with Imatest to outline best practices […]

Originally licensed on different computer

This can happen when a hardware change such as: motherboard, network card, or hard disk drive change when a virtual […]

January 2015 Newsletter

Imatest is excited to announce our new Chrome on Glass Target sizes. We have increased our target selection from 2″ x 2″ Chrome on Glass SFRplus Targets to a variety of sizes and highly customizable solutions. The chrome on glass substrate provides extremely high resolution targets to satisfy a variety of testing needs. We offer larger targets for customers using high resolution cameras within compact testing systems, as well as extremely small targets for testing equipment like endoscopes and microscopes at varying magnifications.