Imatest Releases Version 2021.1

Imatest Version 2021.1 adds several new features to Imatest Master and Imatest IT, including edge tracking during live focusing, alignment tools in device manager, new subjective exposure quality loss calculation, OpenEXR support, live exposure and white balance measurements and several customer-requested features.

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Introducing MTS-RM-NIR

The Imatest Modular Test Stand Reflective Module now integrates with Metaphase NIR lights to allow fast, efficient testing in NIR wavelengths.

Imatest Names a new Vice-Chairman

On January 5th, 2021, Imatest annouces Rémi Lacombe as Vice-Chairman of Imatest LLC to guide our success into 2021 and beyond.

Imatest Founder Norman Koren Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Imatest LLC Chief Technical Officer and Founder Norman Koren was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by AutoSens during the latest AutoSense-Detroit.

Real-time focusing with Imatest Master direct data acquisition

Speed up your testing with real-time focusing in Imatest Master 2020.2.

Recent speed improvements allow for real-time focusing and allow users to analyze images from two types of sources:

Although the majority of images traditionally analyzed by Imatest have been from files (JPG, PNG, etc.), three modules, which can perform a majority of Imatest’s analyses, support direct data acquisition, and can be used for realtime analysis.


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Imatest Releases Version 2020.2

Imatest Version 2020.2 adds several new features to Imatest Master and Imatest IT, including Improvements in Calculation Speed, Uniformity Statistics based on EMVA 1288 Standards, Uniformity measurements from ISO 17957:2015, IT For Mac OS, and Tunable Checkerboard Detection. (more…)

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Imatest Q&A Session

Q&A Session
Wednesday, October 28th 10am MST

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Image Quality Testing for Webcams

Webcams are an increasingly vital tool for working remotely and staying connected with friends and loved ones. As such, webcam sales have experienced significant growth. We all know good and bad quality images when we see them, but quantifying a camera’s performance is critical for making design choices, sourcing components, and performing quality control. Developing these devices presents challenges common to the development of consumer cameras. (more…)

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Correcting Misleading Image Quality Measurements

We discuss several common image quality measurements that are often misinterpreted, so that bad images are falsely interpreted as good, and we describe how to obtain valid measurements.

Describing and Sampling the LED Flicker Signal

High-frequency flickering light sources such as pulse-width modulated LEDs can cause image sensors to record incorrect levels. We describe a model with a loose set of assumptions (encompassing multi-exposure HDR schemes) which can be used to define the Flicker Signal, a continuous function of time based on the phase relationship between the light source and exposure window. (more…)

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Validation Methods for Geometric Camera Calibration

Camera-based advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) require the mapping from image coordinates into world coordinates to be known. The process of computing that mapping is geometric calibration. This paper provides a series of tests that may be used to assess the goodness of the geometric calibration


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Measuring camera Shannon information capacity with a Siemens star image

Shannon information capacity, which can be expressed as bits per pixel or megabits per image, is an excellent figure of merit for predicting camera performance for a variety of machine vision applications, including medical and automotive imaging systems.


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Verification of Long-Range MTF Testing Through Intermediary Optics

Measuring the MTF of an imaging system at its operational working distance is useful for understanding the system’s use case performance. (more…)

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Imatest Releases Version 2020.1

Imatest, a global image quality testing solution provider, is pleased to announce Imatest 2020.1 that adds new features on top of the major enhancements made in version 5.2. This new release further enhances the software with stability updates and regular improvements. See the Imatest Change Log for details.


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Imatest Addresses Coronovirus

Imatest Customers and Partners,

As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to spread, the health and safety of our team, community, customers and partners are our top priority. In accordance with recommendations from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ); the World Health Organization (WHO); and local, state and federal governments, Imatest is taking steps to help prevent it spreading further and to minimize the impact. (more…)

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Imatest EI Presentations Now Online

The research papers presented at this year’s Electronic Imaging Symposium (EI 2020) by Imatest engineers are now available. (more…)

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Imatest Announces the New Collimator Fixture

Imatest introduces its new Collimator Fixture, which can test your imaging system at distances up to infinity — all within the limited space of a test lab. 

Imatest developed this relay lens system for R&D to help its customers test at hyperfocal distances within a limited space. (more…)

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Imatest Announces the new MTS Reflective Module

Imatest is now offering the MTS Reflective Module, which is an add-on to the Imatest Modular Test Stand. The easy-to-use Module is designed to work with Kino Flo Freestyle 31 lights and reflective charts. (more…)

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Imatest is Attending Electronic Imaging 2020

Imatest is attending Electronic Imaging 2020 in Burlingame, California on January 26-30, 2020. The symposium brings together 17 technical conferences covering all aspects of electronic imaging. (more…)

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Introducing Imatest 5.2

BOULDER, CO -September 12, 2019—Imatest, a global image quality testing solution provider is pleased to announce Imatest 5.2. With this new Imatest release, the Imatest team adds several new features to provide better analysis tools and new options. (more…)

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